Is it necessary link management for business?

February 10, 2023
Naser Emad
Naser Emad
Naser Emad
Naser Emad
9 mins read
Is it necessary link management for business?

We’re making the case for link management. We talk plenty here approximately our agency plan, the enterprise-leading tool for link management.

However, what's “link management”? And why do businesses want it? 

To answer that, we ought to take a close look at the arena manufacturers today perform in: the complicated and ever-changing digital landscape.



Has digital marketing changed?

With the acceleration of generation, a marketer’s every attempt can be measured. The upward push of the latest programs and tools inside the market method that measures the ROI on those efforts is not best possible—it’s expected.

Unfortunately, most tools best degree a single channel, giving marketers insight into only a portion of their multi-channel customer experience.

Marketers innately recognize that the customer's enjoyment is complicated and fragmented. However, understanding how the way to appropriately and continuously measure how their audience engages with their brand amidst that complexity has been a massive challenge.

The average American spends extra than 11 hours a day consuming media across all varieties of devices and platforms. That’s right—11 hours. They’re checking out your brand's website, weblog, social media accounts, hopping from their smartphone to their laptop, to their tablet and again again. 

So how can marketers get a clear view into the complete consumer experience?


The link is a marketer’s best asset

Thankfully, there’s the link. It’s the unifying element throughout each channel and communication. The link can demystify the complexity of digital marketing.

Think about it: there are 4.5 billion active internet users who depend on the link to take them from one part of their virtual experience to the next. The link isn't only a method to cease. It’s a crucial business asset.

Many enterprises have massive link technology desires, some that attain within the thousands and thousands in line with day. These organizations want a link management platform that can't best take care of that quantity, however also can help them organize, optimize and protect each of those links.

It’s time to consider your commercial business’s links as crucial business assets. They’re in every single customer communication, throughout every channel your commercial business owns and accessed by means of your clients from every type of digital device.

So on the subject of figuring out whether your business desires link management, ask yourself this: are you optimizing every single one of your customer touchpoints to determine the precise enjoy clients could have together with your brand? With a link control platform like Linkshorteners, you can.


LinkShorteners is the leader in link management?

With Linkshorteners, your business can:

Access second-to-none data on every link

Optimize your content & communications

Brand every customer touchpoint

Geotargeting & Device targeting

Targeting pixels like google tag manager, facebook pixels, etc.

A Lot more of features check it on pricing.

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