6 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow

February 14, 2023
Naser Emad
Naser Emad
Naser Emad
Naser Emad
9 mins read
6 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow

How do link better? This is not a frequently asked question, because as long as the link can effectively take you to your destination, it will work properly, right?

The fact is that when links are optimized to be most effective, they provide more usefulness. Here is how to make the most of the link with Linkshorteners.



1 - Shorten your links

Considering this is a post on best practices for shortening links, this seems a bit silly. A bit... redundant? But before we cover all the ways to improve links, you must shorten them.

How to shortener a link?


Shorten your links to make them more:

✅ Versatile-because you can use them online and offline

✅ Unforgettable-they will have fewer roles

✅ Tolerance-you can redirect their destination

Create a LinkShorteners account to get started.


2 – Use a custom domain for branding & consistency

If you are new to our community, please note the following: Branded links attract 34% more clicks than universal links. People are more likely to trust your brand links (compared to your bit.ly links) because they think they are yours. Therefore, using branded links can increase your click-through rate.


3 – Customize the back-half of your links

Replace randomly generated letters and numbers with custom call-to-action phrases. Showing your audience the location you sent them can give them more confidence that they clicked to the correct location.

Some tips:

👉 Keep it short

👉Pay attention to case sensitivity

For example, you might have a link to the pricing page of your website. This is how we look like: linkshorteners.com/pricing. In this example, the second half of the link is "pricing." Before you click, it will show you exactly the location we sent you.


4 – Generate a corresponding QR Code for offline use

The QR code allows smartphone users to easily scan the code without having to enter a link in the browser. You can easily generate code on any link in LinkShorteners and capture the interaction with it like any other link.


5 – Track & compare cross-channel link performance

Using the marketing activities function in LinkShorteners, you can manage and measure link activities across marketing activities, influencers, internal communications, and more.

You can track the results from the marketing campaign dashboard, which allows you to understand the performance of each channel in the marketing campaign in more detail. The example above illustrates how an educator might use Campaigns.


6 – Create smooth mobile experiences using deep links

Use easy-to-create mobile deep links to point mobile users to specific locations in your app, rather than a web browser. If they have not installed your app, you can invite them to download or guide them into the mobile web experience.


Following these links shortening best practices is easy. Get started by creating a LinkShorteners account. Or, upgrade to a paid plan to unlock even more features and tools.

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