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Naser Emad
Naser Emad Published on March 04, 2023

Let's talk about updates. The update we are talking about refers to the latest Instagram feature, which is sweeping our story feed from swipe to swipe. Instagram has once again innovated its platform, just tap your finger, you can more easily bring traffic to your website. We have seen countless companies, marketers, and influential people working overtime to see and share their content on this evolving platform. This latest feature, once reserved exclusively for personal data of 10k and above, now gives everyone the opportunity to make their products, content, and website center stage.


The Origin of The Swipe Up

As marketers or social media managers, we all know to work overtime to get a sense of impression, popularity, and traffic from social media to our website. Before the latest Instagram feature update, Instagram had a "swipe up" feature that was limited to verified accounts, influencers, and brands with more than 10,000 followers. This makes it difficult for new businesses, emerging accounts, or companies that do not have social influence to increase the number of companies to share content and gain fans. The swipe-up feature is easy to access and allows viewers to interact with a person's content by simply swiping up or tapping the arrow, without having to leave the app to take them to the landing page.

As of August 2021, Instagram has changed and adjusted this feature so that every user on the app can access it, regardless of their verification status or a number of followers. It turns out that this is an exciting new opportunity for marketers, creators, influencers, and business owners in the app, who can use Instagram to develop and build their social media influence.


The Instagram Link Sticker

The term "swipe up" is officially launched, and the new feature is called Instagram link stickers. Link stickers can be used directly in Instagram stories, users can add external links to them, and they can be strategically placed for users to access. In the past year, story stickers have become more and more popular because Instagram has collaborated with various organizations to launch their series of changers, planning different types of stickers based on holidays, celebrations, or occasions. Story link stickers are fast, simple, and easy to use, which means that whether you are an influencer who gets sponsored promotions, a content writer sharing a blog, or a marketer looking to share a new product, they can be used to help expand your social strategy.

Instagram chose stickers instead of just allowing the public to access the upward swipe function because, in addition to allowing users to participate in the story through reactions or comments, it also allows more creative control over the aesthetics of the story. It turns out that the link sticker is as valuable as the swipe-up feature, or even more because it can customize the sticker and make it seamlessly integrated into any story of the post.


How to Add a Link to Instagram

The great thing about the link story feature is that it is very simple to use. Although the story still has a 24-hour limited expiration date, it still provides ample opportunities for your link to participate and help convert, display, and visit dedicated pages. Just like your bio link or swipe-up feature, your link can still be tracked and monitored to assess overall performance.

Here are three simple steps to add link stickers to your Instagram account.

Step 1:  Click on Instagram Stories sticker selection and select the link sticker within the app.


Step 2: Paste your link into the link field- make sure it’s not a broken page.


Step 3: Get creative and switch the text and color by tapping on the sticker.



It's that simple! Now that we can all use this amazing feature, it’s time to strategically consider the types of links you share in the story. If you want to maximize your social media experience and stand out from the sea of ​​link stickers, then it's time to start branding your links with BioURL . Using BioURL branded links can help your content stand out from competitors, attract more clicks, and inspire viewers to trust you for not sharing spam links. Our links are built for social media and can transform your content into brand assets that your audience can recognize.

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